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Birthdate:Nov 13
Location:Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
-Bandom is my only fandom.

-Bob Bryar is my true love.

-I'll marry Bob Bryar one day. You just wait and see.

-Pete Wentz intrigues me like no other. I want to live in his brain for a day.

-I'm convinced that Patrick is secretely an angel. With a voice like that, he has to.

-There's nothing I value as much as family and friendships. And yes, online friends count, too.

-It's almost impossible to offend me, and even if you do, I never ever hold a grudge. So don't even try, it'd be pointless.

Interests (63):

80's and 90's music, andres segovia, bandom, bandslash, betty la fea, bob being a marshmallow, bob being a ninja, bob bryar, bob bryar being adorable, bob bryar being though, bob bryar's everything, bob bryar's existence, bob bryar's eyes, bob bryar's face, bob's hate for cameras, brian schechter, canasta, candy-candy, cartel de los sapos, cobra starship, damien rice, dancing, el cartel de los sapos, fall out boy, fangirling, football, gabriel garcia marquez, glamrock, greece, green day, house, jeff buckley, jepha yes please, johnny depp., karaoke, law and order svu, lyn-z, lyn-z's smile, lyn-z's thighs, making friends, mexico lindo y querido, muse, my chemical romance, patrick's voice, pedro infante, people with accents, pete wentz, plain white t's, playing canasta, queen, reading, ridiculousness, schmete schmentz, silvio rodriguez, slash, soccer, tattooed boys, the beatles, the killers, the used, tiny tattooed boys, will and grace, willam beckett's face
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